Terms & Conditions of Purchasing A Puppy

Vaccinations, Vet Visit & Health Guarantee


Your pup will have received its first set of vaccinations at 6-7 weeks of age & will have been on a deworming schedule before coming home to you. You will need to talk with your veterinarian at initial visit to discuss the best vaccination schedule for your puppy! Most will recommend 3-4 sets of vaccinations/de-worming 3 weeks apart followed by rabies around 5-6 months.


Also note that socializing your pup between the age of 8 and 12 weeks is VERY important and your puppy should be exposed to new things, new people, and new places daily during this important time!!! Just do this in a safe way. Get creative. Keep the pup in a shopping cart, stroller or in your arms!

Health Guarantee


We want to make for certain your family is getting a happy healthy puppy! We guarantee your puppy's health at the time of purchase. 


It is important to schedule a visit with your vet within the first 3 days of having your puppy for this guarantee to be in place. If any health issues are found within the first 3 days, you may choose to return the pup for a full refund. All transportation costs must be covered by you (the buyer). We will also not pay any of the Veterinary bills while the puppy is in your care. If you choose to keep the puppy and have your vet treat the puppy, you (the buyer) are responsible for all veterinary expenses. We cannot guarantee the pups health after the first 3 days as we have no control over the environment, food, exercise, and over all exposure to anything once the puppy has left our farm. There will be no refund given after the first 3 days. 

Our puppies will always have a home on our farm! We will happily welcome any of our dogs back at anytime for whatever reason. So if for any reason you find yourself unable to keep your Hake Farm puppy please reach out to us before posting him or her for sale. Thank you. But no refund will be given after the first 3 days.

Puppy Transport / Shipping

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not ship puppies. They all must be picked up at our farm unless prior arrangements have been made with us.


Thank You

Puppy Price

 We like to match up just the right puppy with the right owner & we do our best to get you the puppy of your dreams. However, we do maintain the right to select and keep one puppy from each litter for our program. This selection will be done by 6 weeks old, and we will always disclose what puppies are available to choose from at any given time. We appreciate your understanding.

Once you have committed to a puppy we require 1/2 the purchase price paid as a deposit within 2 days unless previous arrangements have been made. If we do not receive payment you place us in the difficult position of moving on to the next person in line. We accept PayPal, Cash, or a Check for the deposit.  *Note that if you are paying the deposit or paying in full with a check or PayPal it must be paid at least 7 business days before puppy is to be picked up. Please know that all deposits & payments made towards the puppy are non-refundable. If there is a remaining balance it must be paid in CASH at time of pickup.


Raya's litter puppy price is $700 which includes the 1/2 you put down as a deposit.

In the event that something happens on our end (such as death of the puppy) between the time of birth & pickup we will gladly refund your deposit or apply it towards a puppy that would also fit your needs if one is available. Whichever you prefer is ok with us. 

Puppies will remain with mom until they are 8 weeks of age. We prefer puppies to get as socialized as possible with each other, mom, dad, the other animals, children & so on before they go to a new home. We will gladly keep a puppy longer & strongly encourage it actually. This way they get extra learning time with Raya, Hudson & our other dogs here on the farm & just all around more prepared to take on a big job once they go to their new home. We do however require $25 per week for them to stay past 8 weeks of age but we feel it is well worth it to get some extra learning & experience!

How pricing works if puppy stays longer than 8 weeks! 

- Deposit due to hold puppy

- Remaining balance due when puppy is 8 weeks old

- Balance for extra weeks stayed (in cash) due at time of pickup.

Spay & Neuter


Buyer agrees that a puppy purchased from us does not include the right to breed the puppy. We require that all puppies be spayed or neutered by the age of 9-12 months and that proof of that spay or neuter be furnished to us.


Buyer is expressly prohibited from breeding any puppy purchased from our farm, unless a separate breeding rights contract has been entered into.


We take great pride in our breeding program, and the quality of dogs we breed. Buyer expressly understands and agrees that our dogs are valuable assets and we enjoy a reputation of producing healthy and highly desirable dogs through responsible practices. Buyer further understands and agrees that any violation of this spay or neuter requirement would result in damages to our business in the form of loss of income, threat of harm to the puppies we have sold due to irresponsible breeding practices, damages to our reputation should a puppy be sold by us be used in such a way, and other damages.


Failure to abide by this term will result in a breach of contract and us naming you in a lawsuit, as we seek compensatory damages in a court of law.