DOB: May 27 2017

Hank is an amazing boy. He is mostly Great Pyrenees but is also 1/8 Landseer Newfoundland. I do believe this is where his over abondence of calmness comes from & of course his big fluffy head! He is very gentle & kind but also tough & wise. He knows what the word no means & does what he is told. "Sit" is also a command he knows well but does not let on that he knows it without me having a piece of steak in my hand. The natural instinct to protect is strong with him. He know the animals all have a place on the farm & he expects them to stay there or he will put them back where they belong. Helping with cattle is a favorite pass time of his along with staying close by his goat herd & sometimes taking a snooze. I could not ask for a better guy to watch over our place.

Hank as a Puppy

Day we brought him home at almost 9 weeks old! such a big boy!

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