Kids Sale Policy

ok here it goes. . . 


I like to match up just the right goat with the right owner & I do my best to get you the goat of your dreams. However I do maintain the right to retain any goat at any time. I thank you for understanding.

My goal for each breeding is first & fore most for the intent of using for my future breeding stock. However as much as I would like too I just can't keep every kid born so my sales policy is as follows. 

At this time I do not require a deposit for you to be on my reservation list. I simply ask that you message me through facebook so that I have a record of what you are interested in. I will keep track of reservations by date contacted & be in touch with you once I have determined which kids will be reserved/for sale. Once you are contacted about a kid you will have 48 hrs to make a decision. If I do not hear from you then I will contact the next person in line. 

Once I get your commitment I require 1/2 the purchase price paid as a deposit within 3 days unless previous arrangements have been made. If I do not receive payment you place me in the difficult position of moving on to the next person in line. I do accept PayPal, Cash, Money Order, or a Check for deposit.  *Note that if you are paying the deposit with a check it must clear 10 business days before animal is to be picked up. Please know that all deposits & payments made towards the goat are Non- Refundable. Remaining balance must be paid in CASH at time of pickup. 

In the event that something happens on my end (such as death of the goat) between the time of birth & pickup I will gladly refund your deposit or apply it towards a goat that would also fit your needs if one is available. Whichever you prefer is ok with me. 

We do dam raise so there will be at least an 8 week wait on bucklings/wethers before they are ready to be picked up. I also feel that my doelings do best by staying with their dam as long as possible. So I do intend to keep all doeling on their dam till 8-10 weeks of age & possibly longer if I feel it is in the best interest of the doeling. Each situation is different but I will keep in contact wth you the buyer along the way.

Any & all costs associated with shipping or transportation, including but not limited to health certificates, testing, crates, etc, are the responsibility of the buyer.  All animals must be looked over by buyer before leaving the farm & must be stated that they look good at time of pickup. We guarantee that they are in the best of health before leaving but once they leave the property there are no guarantee to the future health, height, or quality of the animal.