Puppy Sale Policy

Lets get stated. . . 

I like to match up just the right puppy with the right owner & I do my best to get you the puppy of your dreams. However I do maintain the right to retain any puppy at any time. I thank you for understanding.

At this time I do not require a deposit for you to be on my reservation list. I simply ask that you message me through facebook so that I have a record of what exactly you are interested in. You must send me a detailed message telling me all about the type of home/farm this puppy will be going to. I need all the info you can give me as to what you want as far as qualities, physical features, sex, & so on. Will this puppy be a guardian or simply a pet? To what animals/children. Please be as specific as you can so when the time comes I can help place you with the right puppy for your needs & or wants.


I will keep track of reservations by date contacted & be in touch with you once puppies are born. I will gladly send picture of puppies to you but will not be letting anyone visit for the first few weeks. Once puppies get big enough where they start to get personalities & I am confident about being able to start placing puppies I will let you visit them in person. Together we can pick the perfect match! 

Once you have committed to a puppy I require 1/2 the purchase price paid as a deposit within 3 days unless previous arrangements have been made. If I do not receive payment you place me in the difficult position of moving on to the next person in line. I do accept PayPal, Cash, Money Order, or a Check for the deposit.  *Note that if you are paying the deposit with a check or PayPal it must be paid at least 10 business days before animal is to be picked up. Please know that deposits & payments made towards the puppy are non-refundable. Remaining balance must be paid in CASH at time of pickup.


Puppy price is $650 which includes the 1/2 you put down as a deposit. 

In the event that something happens on my end (such as death of the puppy) between the time of birth & pickup I will gladly refund your deposit or apply it towards a puppy that would also fit your needs if one is available. Whichever you prefer is ok with me. 

Puppies will remain with mom until they are 8 - 10 weeks of age. I prefer puppies to get as socialized as possible with each other, mom, dad, the other animals, children & so on before they go to a new home. I will gladly keep a puppy longer & strongly encourage it actually if the puppy is going to be a livestock guardian. This way they get extra learning time with Raya & our LGD her on the farm & just all around more prepared to take on a big job once they go to their new home. I do however require $25 per week for them to stay past 10 weeks of age but I feel it is well worth it to get some extra learning & experience!

How pricing works if puppy stays longer than 10 weeks! 

- Deposit due to hold puppy ($325)

- Remaining ($325) due when puppy is 8-10 weeks old

- Balance (in cash) due at time of pickup for extra weeks stayed!

Before puppies leave for their new homes they will have had their first round of shots & will have been given Nemex dewormer at 2,4,6,8 & 10 weeks of age. The puppy will be given its first round of shots & looked over thoroughly by myself & our vet to make sure it is healthy & ready for its forever home.

Im sorry for any inconvenience but at this time I do not ship puppies. They all must be picked up at our farm unless prior arrangements have been made with us.  All animals must be looked over by buyer before leaving the farm & must be stated that they look good at time of pickup. We guarantee that they are in the best of health before leaving but once they leave the property there are no guarantee to the future health or quality of the animal. 

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